The TIME Machine: Porsche 911 Speedster By Guntherwerks Review | 4K

The TIME Machine: Porsche 911 Speedster By Guntherwerks Review | 4K

            the Porsche 911 comes in many flavors Coupe convertible Target but there is one body style that's designed to deliver driving pleasure in its purest form the Speedster a ruthless model designed to create a more direct connection between the driver their environment and the Machine thank you [Music] and this might be the ultimate example of that concept this is the rather lovely come for work speed stuff built by a california-based company whose sole mission is to take old Porsches to the next level yeah in terms of looks and sound they have done exactly that this thing is lovely [Music] on the Speedster is very very exclusive 

particularly the 993 version from 1995. it's so exclusive that only two people actually own one Ferdinand Porsche himself and bizarrely the comedian Jerry Seinfeld and that means you can't have one but for the princely sum of 850 000 Gunther Works will build you the next best thing [Music] thank you here's how it works you supply your own 993 Cabriolet ortaga or Gunther Works will find you one they then set to work remastering it from the ground up and there are considerable changes not least with the eye-catching wide body kit The Wider front bumper a loud Gunther Works to remove one of the two oil coolers for weight saving but to reposition the remaining one so it faces the airflow rather than being perpendicular to it all body panels except the doors are swapped for carbon 

fiber again to reduce weight the carbon Bonnet for example is 25 lighter than standard it has a smaller steeper windscreen from a 994 Speedster that saves yet more weight although if you want to go even more extreme you can opt to have it removed completely aluminum mirrors resemble the ones found on the 991 Speedster concept at the back of the car highlights include 3D printed inconel exhaust tips attached to a lightweight valved exhaust from a 997 GT3 as for Wheels meanwhile there are many styles to choose from including these with a carbon barrel and turbo inspired spokes angled to help extract heat from the brakes the rubber is plentiful at the rear 335s and at the front a truly enormous set of 295 section tires and then there's the big one the roof this car doesn't 

actually have one not even as an option Gunther Works start with a donor car either a Cabriolet or Targa and then remove the roof and replace it with their own bespoke rear deck and twin buttresses and they look absolutely incredible underneath you'll find additional bracing to strengthen the chassis and also some rollover Hoops underneath these carbon fiber covers but there's another trick up this car's sleeve I push a button on the inside these actually open up to give you extra storage space and come with an optional Leather Pouch perfectly sized for your favorite bottle of champagne there's also additional storage under the front trunk in an exquisitely tailored storage compartment that is again finished in carbon fiber that space almost Rivals the interior for attention to detail it's a feast of carbon leather and metal with a set of newly developed carbon buckets and aluminum shifter and updated dials finally there's a ducktail spoiler in front of which is a ram air scoop feeding cool air into the star of the show The 4 liter naturally aspirated air cooled Flat 6 and isn't that an absolute work of art just look at this air filter stunning and 

this fan actually has an interesting history it was actually redesigned by an aircraft engine manufacturer who reprofiled the blades in order to help increase the amount of airflow to help it develop even more power now I'm in a bit of a privileged position here because although you might have seen the Gunther work Speedster on the internet before this particular car has had some changes this functions as the company's development mule and that means the engine has been upgraded slightly It Now features a slide throttle again with the intention of producing even more power the thing I love most about this though is just the look of the engine bay it's lined in this really Exquisite leather and gold and it isn't adorned with all the extras you find normally in an engine bay for example the power steering pump or the air conditioning unit and the lines and the brackets 

associated with all those extra gubbins those have actually been moved to the front and replaced with electric units in order to help improve weight and weight distribution on the original car it had a 70 30 weight distribution and now this is closer to 60 40. welcome to work's idea is to build a 993 that Porsche would build enforce is still built 993s but importantly they didn't want to modernize it too much they wanted to keep a driving experience as authentic and analog as possible and I tell you what they might have actually nailed it this car just feels 

so alive every single one of its components just talks to you the first thing you want to do when you get inside is to feed it some Rems wow it reps to 7 800 RPM and all of that noise is being fed through a back box from a 997 GT3 even at low revs it's got this aggressive burbling baritone to it but then when you send it up into the High Roads wow wow Echoes of the canyon walls and because I haven't got any windows or a roof I hear every single bit of it second half of California the steering is really good maybe not as feels some as the original 993 Gunther Works have gotten rid of the hydraulic power steering system and replace stick with an E-Pass Electric Ally operated power steering but it's still plenty good there's loads of feedback through the corners and it feels so involving the ergonomics are a little bit weird actually the steering wheel is offset to the right hand side slightly as are the pedals so you feel like you're almost driving this car 

side saddle but that's not Gunther works for that's a Porsche Design quirk in terms of these seats massively supportive especially around the shoulders it just gives you the confidence to push through the bends I'm just going back to the pedals the spacing is spot on allowing you to heal and so but the pedal box is on the small side and that means weirdly I'm having to drive it in my socks [Music] oh wow can you tell I'm having fun the brakes are really good too these are Steels carbon Ceramics are available but the brake pedal feel is nicely charged there is abs but it very rarely kicks in but there is no stability control so you've got to be very careful getting on the power out of the vents I keep having to remind myself this thing's worth nearly a million pounds in his super responsive not just because it's n a but also because it's got a lightweight single Mass flywheel it's so quick to spin up originally this car had a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated flat six but Gunther Works sends it 

The TIME Machine: Porsche 911 Speedster By Guntherwerks Review | 4K

away to another company raw sport Racing for boring out to 4.0 and because we now have slide injectors on this car power is up to 440 horsepower and torque is quoted at 455 newton meters it might not seem like much but the total weight is only 1174 kilograms so it's rapid  Comfort Works don't quote any naught to 60 times with this car but that's not important what is important is just enjoying the experience and interacting with the car using the steering wheel the pedals and that gearbox the gearbox could be better actually the distance between first and third and second and fourth they're a little close together [Music] sometimes you do make the odd mistake but that yeah that's all part of the fun isn't it these tires are interesting Continental extreme contact sport I haven't had a great deal of 

experience with this rubber but they've installed it particularly because the sidewalls are really a little softer than the equivalent Pirellis and that they say suits the character of the car it is a drop top after all you can really feel the squidginess not just in a straight line but in the bends it just gives the car that little bit of compliance you lean on them as you go into a Bend but there's still plenty of grip and traction yeah they really work as they should they're 13 inches wide at the rear 11 inches wide at the front [Music] thank you the best way to sum up this car is to say that it's a time machine it takes you back to an Era when the people who built these things really cared about the people who drove them and how it made them feel it's also a time machine in a sense that it brings the 993 platform bang up to date it's a classic but 

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