Audi RS e-Tron GT 6 Month Review: Is It Really Worth £120,000? | 4K

 Audi RS e-Tron GT 6 Month Review: Is It Really Worth £120,000? | 4K

everywhere hey guys welcome back to AutoTrader this is our Long termer Audi RS rron GT we've had this car for about 6 months now and the reason we've kept on to it for longer than usual is because I wanted to give you a proper analysis of what it's like to live with this car so I've actually become pretty much an expert this thing having used it for so long so without further Ado here is The Good the Bad and the Ugly for the Audi RS rron GT normally I start with the good stuff then work to the bad and then the ugly but I'm going to flip things around today and start with the ugly the things that really annoy me cuz it's one thing that's at the 

Forefront of my mind because I've been in a fight with this every single day and it is the door handle it's a menace so the way it's designed is that there's a slight Gap at the back and when you put the back of your hand up against it and then pull it that Gap pinches the skin on your knuckle and that happens like I don't know five times out of 10 when you get into this car and it is really painful if you look at my knuckle right there that is an injury from driving this car as far as I'm concerned it's dangerous I've lost many and many a fight to an RS cron GT don't like it the other thing I don't like is that there's nowhere really to put your phone 

there's a little gap down here but it's not quite big enough for an iPhone 14 plus so when you go around the corner that will just fly out and then what you end up doing is you put your phone in the cup holder but then what happens if you got cups in the cup holder there's no way to put your phone there is to Audi's credit a little Gap in the center console down here for wirelessly charging your phone but it's a faf to actually get your phone in there it takes a bit of fiddling about and once it's in there it will charge your phone phone quite safely but while it's charging is quite slow nowhere near as fast as wired charging and psychologically 

I just don't like the idea of having my phone trapped away in the center console of a car let's talk about the range and that can be either good or bad depending on whether you're a glass half empty or glass half full kind of person if you got a positive outlook then you'll ask what does Audi say this car can do in terms of range and does the car deliver it how do you say the car will do 280 Mi or thereabouts and the car will happily do it on a Motorway doing 70 mph or 60 doesn't seem to matter it will achieve 3.3 m per Kow all day long the battery is an 83.7 kwh hour pack and if you do the mass that is around 276 miles if you turn off the airon and the heating I'm pretty sure you can push that to 280 Mi so things are positive but then you got to ask yourself what do the rivals do and the Tesla Model S one of this car's Rivals will do 370 odd miles 100 miles more and that matters because howly say this is a GT and GTS historically have been designed to go long distances people have this kind of fantasy of these cars 

traveling from London to the south of France and you're not really going to be doing that in one or two stops with a battery that only does 270 Mi on the upside though let's face it if a car does 280 Mi like this one can that works out to be 4 hours of solid driving on the motorway which is pretty much at the upper limit of what most people are going to want to do anyway and then when you reach the end of that battery the charging is quite quick 270 KW so it can go from 25 Mi to 200 mi in 25 minutes which is very good but then there's the downside which is the cost of charging from a rapid charging station on average I've been seeing around 69 P per Kow hour which work works out to be around 60 lb to fill the battery ouch and that brings us to another negative point which is price or rather value actually so if you wanted to buy this car brand new then you're looking at a minimum of 8,000 but after one year of ownership then the value will have gone down quite substantially and that's not unique to Audi's or Audi electric vehicles but rather electric vehicles in general at the moment why is that not going to get 

into it now but I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about go to valuation enter the regge number and the mileage which in this case is about 6,000 and you'll see what the car is worth I won't tell you because the value might change by the time you've actually watched this video but what I will say is that you will lose a lot of cash if you're buying one of these brand new on the flip side however if you're buying secondhand then you can pick up an RSC Chon G for silly money really £70,000 for one of these is not a lot of cash for what is quite frankly a lot of car sticking to the subject of negatives we have to talk about this boot this is a saloon not a hatchback and that means the boot is not very impressive it's 350 L right and to compare that to its nearest Petrol rival the Audi RS7 that car has 535 l so much more than you get in here and it's really not that usable on a day-to-day basis but if you're persistent enough and you struggle enough and you're clever enough you can actually get long objects inside here 

because those seats do fold flat let me demonstrate that by the way got my helmet um but we move that out the way this is a lawn mower and you wouldn't expect this to fit into a car with such little space but actually like I said got grass everywhere like like I said if you're smart then you can actually get reasonably long objects inside look at that you got space for another Lord mower inside the RS yeah going to have to get the Hoover now as for the back as you can see there's lots of room for long objects the seats themselves are pretty good too spacious enough for two adults but at a push it'll hold three kids even if the middle seat is a bit too narrow to sit in for more than a couple of hours [Music] it's also got a front trunk or a front boot whatever you want to call it which gives you an additional 85 l or so but I've never used it and the reason is it's a hassle to get into it you got to walk around to the driver door find the button which on the Audi's isn't as bad as on some electric cars but you press the button it pops it but 

then you got to go back to the front and do battle with the latch but I'm an expert so it's actually quite easy there and then that gives you access to what is not a very large space which makes you think is there any point going through that hassle incidentally this is where you do your maintenance on an electric car right here is a port for your wiper fluid and up there is a port for your brake fluid but pretty much done neither in my time with the car but generally I think car makers especially EV car makers need to do better with their front trunk design because they got to make it much more simple to get access to it Porsche credit to you guys they actually do a kind of gesture system where you wave your hand across the front and it will pop the front open but on most DS it's just not the case do better in terms of Technology I've not been that impressed by what's in the rson GT it's almost like Audi said look we'll give you the basics we'll give you a decent stereo from ban Olson and it's really good by the way very Punchy we'll give you 

Audi RS e-Tron GT 6 Month Review: Is It Really Worth £120,000? | 4K

a saav that shows you where your nearest charger is and also a bubble around the that now to show you how far you can go we give you a nice driver display but apart from that we're going to rely on Wireless Apple carplay and Android auto and to be fair that's the minimum you'd expect but in future I think I'd rather see how already take a bit more leadership in the technology that they offer because it's quite basic I do like the fact it's got physical buttons for your heating ventilation and climate controls that makes them very very simple to use they look and feel great as well but there's one emission from that and that is this car doesn't have an RS button to change your drive modes quickly instead what they do is they give you a drive select button down here on the center console and to access that you got to take your eye off the road find the button push it then look at the screen then change your mode then look back and the Annoying Thing with that is you don't get full dynamism from the car unless you're in 

Dynamic mode so you do actually have to change modes quite a lot if suddenly you want to overtake someone then it's best to be in dynamic and not having that in an instant access way on the steering wheel is ever so slightly [Music] annoying okay let's talk about the good stuff and there is plenty of that and one of my favorite good things about this car is that it's been Rock Solid the quality is immense nothing has fallen off nothing has broken nothing has squeaked nothing has rattled it's like this car is heed from a solid piece of granite it's really wellb built one of the things I really like is that the materials are all pretty much like they were when it rolled out the factory if you look at the center console for example this is glossy piano black and I expected that to be scratched to Oblivion but 6 months on it's absolutely pristine okay I've been very careful with it I've been trying not to put anything there at all but you still expect scratches from piano black even after I don't know a couple of days of using some press cars with this kind of material you'll see scratches in them but after 6 months that's 

been fine also the leather in the seats absolutely pristine you'd expect a few kind of like imperfections in the leather after sliding in and out of the seat repeatedly but not a bit of it in this car I love this red leather as well and the seats look fantastic feel fantastic and also just in terms of the technology as well in many modern cars what you find is that the screens freeze and and things need rebooting you turn the car off and on again it happens surprisingly often believe it or not but it hasn't happened single time in this Audi they've done a really good job when it comes to build quality the steering wheel as well you're touching this thing constantly and after a while a lot of steering wheels can look a bit sort of you know worse for wear but this yeah exactly the same as when it rolled off the factory really good here's quite a good idea so this car has two charge ports one on the left and one on the right both at the front and this one on my side here is for your normal AC charging your home charging up to seven or 11 KW and on the other side is your Ultra rapid charging up to 270 KW DC but what's great about it is that you drive forward into a space and then you can plug your home charger into either side doesn't matter what side your charger is on so it makes it a lot more convenient and also another thing I like is that this is entirely mechanical on the tians they pop open and they motorized and they move back 

Audi RS e-Tron GT 6 Month Review: Is It Really Worth £120,000? | 4K

and forth and in the winter they can freeze up and make it difficult to get inside there but this is totally mechanical and a lot easier to use well done Audi another thing that's good about this car is the way it drives and it doesn't matter where you are whether you're on a Motorway or just cruising around town it's supremely comfortable and quiet and lovely to sit in I especially like it when you're maneuvering around town it's got rear whe steering so the back wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels so you can knock off these tight intricate turns in one motion while other people are struggling doing three-point turns fivepoint turns and this has no struggle whatsoever if you're pushing it then it's also really good I've taken it to racetracks and we've drifted it and it's got really nice balance to it this car will turn in so nicely and then you tip it into a slide the back end comes around and it's very graceful you can hold it in a drift for hours on end it's a wonderful car do you know I'll actually go a step further than 

that and say it's the best handling Audi that I've driven outside of an Audi R8 it is that good it's that engaging it's that much fun and then there's a straight line speed very rapid it will knock off 0 to 62 in 3.2 all day long repeatedly and it's foolproof as well no faffing around with launch control it just does it and funny story we actually took this car to a track shoot where we filmed a bunch of McLaren hyper cars including the McLaren Center and the reason we did that was because this was the only car that could keep up with those hyper cars there's a scene when the McLaren Center does a launch control and the car in front of it is this car with cameras bolted to it with three camera operators inside and it was pulling away from the center up to about 50 or 60 MPH but it was pulling away this is a lovely car to drive astonishingly good fun love it just a quick word on the warranty the car itself has a 3-year warranty but the battery is warrantied for up to 8 years or 160,000 km or just under 100,000 Mi whichever comes first if the energy density Falls below 7 % during that warranty period Audi Will Repair it or replace it but you might not get a battery replacement that has 100% capacity just a battery that measures at least 70% of the starting value hopefully that doesn't mean that a battery in a 1-year-old car that suddenly fails is replaced by one that only has 71% finally tires EVS are quite heavy and do get criticism for wearing through their rubber especially those cars with lots of torque like this but 

the goodye eagle F1 tires on our rron are still fine and that's despite lots of aggressive launches and even a day of drifting at the track replacement rears will cost you around £350 each fitted so that is it sad face that is our time with the Audi RS rron GT how do we sum it up well I got two questions the first is is it worth buying and the second is is it a proper GT in the answer to the first question I'd say yes it's definitely worth buying it's fabulous to look at it's commands so much attention it's brilliant to drive stupidly fast it's incredibly reliable nothing has gone wrong with this car at the time we've had it so in that sense I'd recommend it wholeheartedly in the answer to Is it a proper GT well it's different let's say that it's not the kind of car you're going to jump into and drive for 9 hours at a time down to the south of France it's electric you got to stop and sip of coffee smell the roses once in a while but that aside it's a brilliant package this thing I wholeheartedly recommend if you got any more questions let me know in the comments down below but as for now thank you Audi thank you RSC joh GT We Salute You

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