NEW Lamborghini REVUELTO Review: 1015hp V12 SF90 Killer? | 4K

 NEW Lamborghini REVUELTO Review: 1015hp V12 SF90 Killer? | 4K

it's a Lambo all right the wait is over oh my God this is the RTO the latest in a long line of V12 power Lorin except this one is different it still uses a naturally aspirated V12 but unlike all the others that came before it the mura kunach Diablo meril Lago and Aventador the RTO also uses something called electricity it's a devastating effect 200 215 230 240 wow it flies it really flies the only car I've driven with this much acceleration is a Tesla Model as plaid but I tell you what the Plaid doesn't make a noise like this you get revs to 9 and 1 12,000 RPM it just feels unnatural the revuelto is a plug-in hybrid with three Electric Motors one at the rear and two on the front axle each capable of 148 horsepower these are driven by a 3.8 K hour battery all working alongside a naturally aspirated 6.5 L V12 to produce 1,5 PS acceleration is vivid n to 62 2.5 n to 124 7 Seconds dead and flat out 2117 mph this is the fastest production Lamborghini ever now if 

you're good at maths you might have noticed that all of the electric motors added up could produce 444 horsepower and if you add that to the 812 horsepower that that big old V12 makes then this car could be pushing out around 1200 horsepower however there's a little bit of a bottleneck and it isn't the motors it's the battery basically the battery can only Supply a maximum of 190 horsepower and that has to be shared between every single one of the motors what actually happens is that when you're pulling out of a corner and getting on the accelerator it's mostly the rear electric motor working in conjunction with that V12 to give you the accelerative force out of the bend it's predominantly rear bu drive when do the front motors come into play well they do a whole bunch of clever of stuff one of their purposes is of course to help with brake regeneration to send power back into the battery but also to help stabilize you and not just in the low speed bends but also in the highs speeed Corners as well if the car detects a little bit of 

lateral movement that hasn't been snatched up by the ESC system what it will do is actually apply power using one of those electric motors just to stabilize the car to make make sure that it isn't off balance in the middle of that V in the low speed Corners like this one that's where you get that rear whe steering kicking in just to help get the back end rotated and also the front Motors give you active torque vectoring so not just breaking into a corner on the inside of the car to get it rotated but actually applying torque on the outside wheel to help with that [Music] rotation what's exceptionally clever is that this car doesn't feel like a hybrid it feels like an organic natural super it feels like an Aventador on steroids the RTO is built on new architecture it uses an allnew so-called carbon mono fuselage ensuring the chassis is 10% lighter and 25% stiffer than the Aventadors the battery is located in the central tunnel where the gearbox usually lives and the engine has been rotated 180° with that gearbox now an 8-speed DCT 

NEW Lamborghini REVUELTO Review: 1015hp V12 SF90 Killer? | 4K

mounted transversely or sideways across the back of the engine below the e-motor impressively advanced and it's all wrapped up in a body that looks like a spaceship you might say the face looks a bit too similar to the hurcan Technica especially at first glance releasing that car ahead of the RTO might have stolen this car Thunder slightly because it features Lamborghini's new design language especially with these y-shaped drls but in the flesh it looks absolutely Mega it looks a bit like a concept car which I guess was deliberate because the design is actually based on the turzo millennial concept from a couple of years ago highlights for me right first of all it doesn't have any unsightly shut lines where the Bonnet meets the front bumper the Bonnet actually bleeds into this very sharp edge at the front and looks absolutely stunning secondly these w-shaped lights they look great really skinny main beams and then these huge air intakes I'm a little bit suspicious that they might be a little too unprotected also really 

appreciate these sensors the radar sensors for the ADH system the adaptive cruise control these look really nicely integrated the one on the left is the actual radar and the one on the right is a dummy unit behind which you'll find the towing eye elsewhere the car is just dripping with arrow features so at the front air gets sucked in to cool the brakes at the side the wheels are 21s at the front 22s at the back very enormous and then at the side you've also got this fin on the flank which helps extract hot air and down the side it isn't a Lambo unless you got these amazing doors scissor doors got to have it these actually open wider than on the Aventa door and the Sills are much narrower to make it easier to get in and out now behind the doors more Vents and intakes for the engine and for the rear brake Cooling and this amazing looking flying buttress which sends air from alongside the car up over the deck lid and onto that adjustable rear wing and what a back end it is it looks like a spaceship doesn't it one of my favorite 

features is definitely this completely exposed engine there's no plexiglass there's no metal the engine is there in all of its glory for everyone to see like on a motorbike I guess apart from that you've got this huge carbon fiber rear diffuser the adjustable rear wing that I mentioned earlier and these amazing looking hexagonal rear tail pipes and they sound like this it's a Lambo all right the interior is all new too Lambo says it's more spacious than before with a distinctive dashboard the steering wheel has two primary control knobs to select from 14 different Drive settings the left lets you choose from all electric Sport and Corsa while the right lets you choose energy deployment strategies such as prioritizing battery recharging maximum deployment or a hybrid balance there are digital screens for the driver infotainment and for the passenger and these are cleverly interconnected you can for example swipe widgets from the primary screen onto the driver display or onto the user display as you prefer we haven't had a chance to drive the reverse on the road just yet but I did manage to try it in electric only mode and it's probably not something you'd want to do for fun because the otos are relatively weak the range is also very limited just 6 mies but the V12 is so incredibly loud even when idling that using EV mode for the last mile or so could be very useful for discretion recharging is clearly not something Lamborghini 

cares too much about it takes 30 minutes from a 7 Kow wallbox but the charge port is hidden away in the luggage compartment almost like an afterthought usefully it only takes 6 minutes to charge the battery using the V12 so what does it feel like to actually drive a Lambo RTO the one thing that I would say annoys me slightly well more than slightly is how high the seat is so I've set up really high and that means that my head is basically touching the ceiling I'm only 51 but with a helmet on it's actually really tricky to get a comfortable driving position in the car because it's really quite low there is a bit of a sweet spot that allows you wo to get comfortable though once you're settled in that right it's time to drive let's stick it in sport mode now and see what that feels like first thing you noce is that the car feels very rear biased it will actually light up those rear whe Wheels with not too much assistance from a traction control if you're on a circuit and you 

want to make the most of this car's blistering speed then you've got to put it into corser mode that's where this car is at its most potent and aggressive Corsair seems to tighten up the stability control slightly makes it a little bit less playful and much more focused just going into the corners W the weight obviously isn't a problem in a straight line but in the corners you can feel the mass which you'd expect in this car as it weighs 1,772 kg dry the car is heavier than the Aventador by about 200 kg and heavier than the sf90 perhaps its most direct rival by about the same amount is it quicker than the SF 90 around this track I mean I'd have to get both cars on the track back to back get the old Stockwatch out but I tell you what this feels bloody F the brakes are really really strong they bring you down to a decent speed very very effectively but what's really really clever is that unlike in many hybrids where the brakes can feel slightly inconsistent as they switch between mechanical brakes braking and regen from the motors this feels really consistent and there's fantastic feel from the brakes as well you can modulate that brake pedal really effectively I think one of the things that really stands out for me is the responsiveness of this car if you've ever driven an Aventador then you will know exactly how responsive that naturally aspirated V12 is and it's just the same in this car except you've now got the addition of 190 horsepower worth 

of electrical energy supporting that V12 so the minute you get on the accelerator pedal it just wants to launch towards the horizon one of the things that I loved about the Aventador particularly the svj was the gear shifts from that single speed robotized manual in this they've got a DCT twin clutch gearbox and it's a lot smoother a lot faster I thought it would be a lot less dramatic but actually it feels every bit as dramatic in corser mode when you're accelerating and you upshift the motors fire in some torque just to make the gear sh feel a lot more involving and Powerful wow oh my [Music] God is it a scary car to drive in a word terrifying absolutely bloody terrifying just because of the sheer speed of the thing but actually the balance in the ruo is such that once you do get used to that immense acceleration you can actually start to enjoy it have fun with it and it's a playful fun car to drive we talk about electrification and we give Lamborghini credit for evolving but I also think we need to give them credit for hanging on to the heart and soul of their big old V12 supercars that naturally aspirated B12 it served them well in the mura and in the kunach and in the Aventador and in the mercho and it is a very welcome presence in the rivalto tell you what this is probably the best 

fun I've had with my clothes on it might even be the best one I've had with my clothes off the RTO is in a word epic it's electrification and complexity could have all too easily ruined what we love about big Lamborghini Halo cars but credit where it's due Lamborghini has created a car that is cohesive and harmonious Savage and visceral furiously fast yet excessively fun W most of all they've made a car that is without question still a true Lamborghini

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