About Me

 Just because what I read most often and tinkered with was about stories and stories of prophets, I created a blog entitled https://www.seraqueeutenho.com

All of you share how the heck actually build a good blog in brief. What is more complete about how to create a blog is how, will bloggers discuss it in a separate article. https://www.seraqueeutenho.com is an example of a personal blog with a topic or niche story. 

This https://www.seraqueeutenho.com I woke up from about 10 years ago. So the age is already quite old, huh. I started writing this travel blog when I was still living in Bali, so most of the writing on bloggerbanyumas.com blog is about the story of the prophet and interesting stories. 

The tips besides being consistent, of course, you have to walk and write with characteristics. In addition, the most important thing on a personal travel blog is, you must use good quality supporting photos and must be original. Using photos of people for personal travel blogs I don't recommend at all. Because it will reduce the uniqueness of your travel blog.

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